UniPro is the largest food distributor cooperative in the world.  As a member of UniPro Foodservice, Holt has the ability to give our customers a wide range of products to meet their needs. They offer unique access to purchasing opportunities, member resources, and a network of preeminent independent distributors. UniPro alone has a buying power with $109 billion in annual sales, beating Sysco and U.S. Foodservice with collective $65 billion in sales annually.

UniPro enables Holt Paper to buy at a better price, in return giving our customers a better cost for products and services versus our leading competitors.


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Triple S

Triple S is a member-owned organization of  independent facility maintenance distributors in the sanitary supply channel. It provides national purchasing programs, supply chain logistics, and marketing programs to it's Member-Dealers which allows them to provide the lowest total cost solutions to their customers. Triple S Member-Dealers understand the problems today’s facility managers face: lower budgets, higher costs, employee turnover,  cross-contamination, achieving sustainability goals, facility occupant and  patron health and safety.  These resources prove to be invaluable in a ever-changing industry.


IFDA primary constituent's are foodservice distributors that are found across North America and internationally. They include leading broadline, system, and specialty distributors. IFDA's members operate more than 800 distribution facilities and represent annual sales of more than $125 billion. These companies help make the food away from home industry possible, delivering food and other related products to restaurants and institutions — from the local pizzeria or burger shop to your favorite Italian restaurant or white tablecloth establishment, from nursing homes and hospitals to military mess halls and school cafeterias. IFDA provides research, education opportunities, and business forums to its members that can enable them to be more competitive. In the United States, IFDA also provides important representation on Capitol Hill, sharing the perspective of foodservice distributors with lawmakers and regulatory agencies to shape the legislative and regulatory process.