Holt Paper

About Holt Paper Co.

The History of Holt

Holt Paper & Chemical Company traces its roots back to 1960 when John T. Holt Jr. purchased a 12' truck to sell livestock feed.  The first products sold are Sweetheart Cups and Lids and its first warehouse was opened on Mill St. in Salisbury, MD.

Soon after, the company establishes itself as a paper and janitorial supply company catering to local businesses.  Product lines include napkins, paper supplies, janitorial, floor machines, and chemicals.  Fueled by growth, operations move to larger warehouse on Bateman St.

In 1985, the current facility on Rt. 50 is built and becomes the new home of Holt Paper & Chemical Company.

Holt Paper Salisbury MDSalisbury, MD Warehouse circa 1985

In 1991, the Baltimore, MD office and warehouse is opened to better serve customers across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

Holt Paper BaltimoreBaltimore, MD Warehouse circa 1991

In 1995, John T. Holt III takes over majority ownership of the company, continuing his father’s legacy as a broad line distributor that provides quality, value, and service.  A line of food products are added to directly compete with larger distributors and to continue providing exceptional service and value to their loyal customers.  In 2008, a cooler section is added to the Salisbury, MD warehouse to better accommodate the expanding line of food items.

The ever expanding lineup of products includes items such as; fresh produce, local poultry, fresh cut meats, seafood, smallwares, restaurant equipment, and food service disposables.

Today the focus of Holt Paper Co. is to continue providing exceptional products with an emphasis on top notch service.  The company is always evolving and adapting to the dynamic needs of its customers and the foodservice and janitorial industry.  In 2015, Holt adopted a new computer system to help maximize control of its daily operations.  In 2020, BFC Warehouse Management system is added to help with receiving and order picking.

With a geographical reach as far north as Philadelphia, PA and as far south as North Carolina, and everything in between, Holt Paper & Chemical Company aims to be a reliable and flexible resource to our customers.



Holt 25 Years

The company's 25th Anniversary

holt paper, holt foods, foodservice, salisbury mdHolt Paper's Warehouse in the 90s

holt paper, holt foods, foodservice, janitorial, salisbury mdOur earlier fleet ready to deliver products to customers

holt paper, holt foods, foodservice, janitorial, salisbury mdExpansion! Our new refrigeration section under construction in 2009.

Holt 60 Years

2020 marks 60 of Service for Holt Paper & Chemical Co.

What We Do

Holt Paper & Chemical is "The Leader in quality and service”.

We are committed to providing quality and top notch service to our customers with emphasis on being a reliable and flexible resource for quality food, paper, janitorial, and foodservice products.  We service restaurants, businesses, manufacturers, schools, casinos, healthcare facilities, chain businesses, and governmental organizations.

Our product mix encompasses over 10,000 products including dry grocery, produce, frozen and refrigerated foods, smallwares, non foods, and chemicals.  We carry both brand name and house label products to suit the needs and preferences of any business.

Holt Paper's operations include both direct to customer delivery and on-site pickup.  Our geographical reach is as far north as Pennsylvania, as far south as North Carolina, and everything in between.  We are located at the heart of Delmarva which allows us to be fast, flexible, and responsive to our customers in our region.

Holt Paper & Chemical is a member of multiple buying groups. This allows us to acquire products at a lower cost and gives us the ability to have a national footprint by partnering with other independent distributors.  Holt is a member of Triple S for the Janitorial and Sanitation industry and UniPro Foodservice, Inc. for the food service industry.  With our buying group memberships, we have increased buying power, greater access to products, and the ability to keep our prices competitive.

Holt's professional and dedicated staff is committed to building relationships with its customers and realizes the importance of understanding their present and future needs in order for them to succeed.